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    Made by Staten Island's #1 Crane Operator


    An Idea had at a Deli

    I read a New York Post headline about bitcoins while i was in line at the deli and thought "I could do that shit no problem." So I called my nephew who is good at computers and after he gave me a long, dog-shit speech about "block chains" or whatever, we got to work.

    Money that can't be stolen at the docks

    ComputerCoins are on the internet so they can't steal them from you down at the docks

    I'm gunna buy the New York Jets

    I figure if I make like a million of these coins and i start telling people they are worth 100 bucks each, I could buy the Jets. how much do the jets cost


  • Better than Regular Money

    Don't believe me? Check this shit out

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  • Contact us

    when my nephew is done making the coins we will email them to you or something. i don't know exacltly how it works but he went to St. Johns and is nice with computers.